Fireball Lip Plumper

Fireball Lip Plumper


This lip plumper will give you huge lips, no needles or botox necessary. It has a fun tingle at first, but you'll quickly see the effects, as your plump lips have a nice shine to them.

The cinnamon oil in the plumper helps bring blood to your lips, giving them a natural rosy shade all of their own.

The oils will also help condition your lips to leave them feeling soft.

Oh, and the best part? The cinnamon tastes faintly like Red Hots.

Use moderately. Not for daily use. It's best if used once or twice a week for the optimal effect. Otherwise, your body will slowly become immune to the effect due to overuse.

Comes in a roll-on 10ml tube. All natural ingredients, no fragrance oils or chemicals.

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