Nighttime Rose Cream

Nighttime Rose Cream


This nighttime moisturizer is packed with good oils to help rejuvenate your skin’s cells overnight. Let the benefits of rose and carrot seed oil erase your day’s worries from your face as you drift into dreamland.

Rosehip oil works its magic, supplying your skin with a healthy dose of vitamin A and C and helping smooth out fine lines and get rid of unwanted spots.

The cream also contains chamomile, copaiba, sandalwood, and lavender oil. These oils are all there to help renew your skin cells, fight fine lines, prevent breakouts and remove red spots and dark spots.

Willow bark extract provides natural salicylic acid to the cream, and sea kelp extract adds a little extra fighting power against wrinkles and helps to tighten skin.

Coconut and jojoba oil help to moisturize your skin. The oils are great for oily or dry skin, because the jojoba oil replicates your skin’s sebum, helping trick your skin from over-producing too much oil.

The best part of the cream is the rich, natural scent. The cream contains absolutely no fragrance oils. Everything that creates the dreamy scent is all natural, like breathing in a bouquet of freshly cut roses and flowers.

Go to sleep smelling like roses, and wake up feeling as beautiful as one. It’s all natural, as always!

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